Best places to visit in California: California bucket list

Best places to visit in California: California bucket list
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California bucket list: the best places to visit in California that will make your California dreams come true. 

California has been at the forefront of my travel dreams since I was a child.

I don’t know if it was because of the movies, the music videos or excessive exposure to Beach Boys albums but one thing is sure: as the years passed, my dream of traveling to California only grew bigger until one day it couldn’t stay a dream any longer and I went!

California turned out to be as dreamy as I thought it would be except much better. 

It has the stunning landscapes you have seen in the movies, but in real life, you also have the feeling of the California sun and breeze on your skin, the perfumes and sounds of the California nature, all coming together to envelop you in the perfect travel experience.

Since that first time, I found myself in California over and over again, both in the North and the South.
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