Best Canadian Food To Eat in Canada!

Best Canadian Food To Eat in Canada!
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Hey there, fellow foodie travelers! Today, we’re in Canda, talking about food! There are so many cool things to do in Canada, and all that sightseeing will definitely help you work up an appetite. If you want to experience traditional Canadian food, there are some really great Canadian foods that we recommend trying. It’s not just maple syrup; Canada has some really tasty treats!

Poutine When people think of Canadian cuisine, poutine is often the first thing that comes to mind. If you’re going out for beers with friends, or are looking for a quick appetizer or snack, it doesn’t get any tastier than Canadian poutine. Originally from the Quebec province, you can get poutine all over Canada. What is poutine? It’s a bowl of French Fries with cheese curds, covered in gravy. It sounds weird, but it’s amazing! In most places, you can add other toppings like pulled pork or steak. Poutine is “hands-down” the best snack food in Can.... Continue Reading at Wolters World

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