African Safari Clothes: What NOT to Wear

African Safari Clothes: What NOT to Wear
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Hey there, fellow travelers! Recently, our family embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Africa. We visited Tanzania for a Serengeti safari. While many travel blogs will tell you what to wear on safari, we’re going to tell you what NOT to wear on your African family safari. If you plan to safari with kids, the same rules apply for them! Don’t forget to consult your safari tour company for a full safari packing list.

Don’t Wear Dark Blue or Black Clothing The first rule of choosing African safari clothes is to not wear dark blue or black. These colors attract the Tsetse flies and getting bit by one of these is not a pleasant experience! Jocelyn was bitten by one of these and it hurt! Proper African safari clothes come in earth tones: brown, khaki, or green.

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