A Minimalist Travel Backpack

A Minimalist Travel Backpack
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Minimalist travel is all the rage these days. Whether you are heading for a weekend getaway or trying to tick off one of the major items on your Travel Bucket list, people are looking for ways to pack lighter and smarter. Perhaps this is due to all the extra fees that are being tacked on by airlines. Or maybe it is because carrying around tons of extra gear is getting harder as we get older. Either way, downsizing luggage into a minimalist travel backpack may be the answer we all need.

Briefly indulge us and let us paint a picture of when we failed with a luggage choice.

In April of 2017, we went on an epic adventure across Scotland, England, & Wales. We were pumped! But in typical fashion, we wanted to cut some costs and thus decided to pack all of our travel gear in one gigantic rolling suitcase. Boy was this a mistake. Don’t get us wrong, we saved some money on bag fees with the airlines. But this monster of a suitcase caused us more problems than it was w.... Continue Reading at Bucket List Project

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