A guide to traveling abroad with your children after a divorce

A guide to traveling abroad with your children after a divorce
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Written by special contributor, Eric Tress

Going with your children on vacation is enjoyable, but after a divorce, it can be tricky. It’s no longer as easy as buying the tickets, packing the bags, grabbing your passports, and heading to the airport. 

Why is it harder to travel abroad with your kids after a divorce? United States authorities want to prevent situations where children are abducted by one parent and taken to a foreign country. Therefore, ex-spouses need to cooperate based on their divorce and custody agreement to ensure they are on the same page with regard to taking kids out of the country.

If you are divorced and would like to travel with your kids abroad, here are some things you should know.

Adhere to your parenting agreement A parenting agreement is a child custody plan agreed upon by both parents. It includes such information as which parent should have the kids on which weekends and holidays. It can also help to iron .... Continue Reading at The Working Mom's Travels

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