3 Investments Every Frugal Traveler Should Make

3 Investments Every Frugal Traveler Should Make
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Everyone loves a good vacation. Unfortunately, many Americans are so ready to jet-off somewhere warm or fun that they are willing to go into debt to travel. Almost 75 percent of Americans have gone into debt for a trip, with the average debt topping more than $1,000.

If you’re dreaming of getting out of your house once quarantines and shelter-in-place orders are lifted, but don’t want to go into debt to do so, keep reading. We’re bringing you three smart investments that every frugal traveler should make in 2020 to save cash, keep themselves safe, and still enjoy a first-class trip.

1. An Open Mind One of the best ways to save money while you travel without sacrificing an incredible adventure is to keep an open mind. This year, invest some time in researching some lesser-known destinations. While your favorite tourist traps might be tempting, odds are that you can find many of the same attractions, great views, and awesome amenities in other .... Continue Reading at Frugal First Class Travel

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