20 Inspiring Travel Books To Satisfy Your Wanderlust

20 Inspiring Travel Books To Satisfy Your Wanderlust
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As we all lock into a period of self-isolation and social distancing, the desire for amazing literature is exploding. Books have a way to transport you to new places, or even within the lives of others. If you’re a travel-lover like me, the idea of immersing yourself into a new destination is always appealing. Now, more than ever, the most inspiring travel books can take us on the journeys that lockdown and isolation have placed out of arms reach. Last year I released the list of my 20 favorite travel movies. But the best travel stories offer a much richer experience than a movie ever can. When the world is traveling again, travel literature can help you while away those long bus, train, or plane rides. One of the constants of travel is how much ‘waiting’ is involved, so having one of these great travel books with you to break up the monotony is always helpful. It sure beats staring blankly at the back of a chair for 8 hours.

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