2 days in Taipei, an itinerary for first timers

2 days in Taipei, an itinerary for first timers
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Taiwan advertises itself as the “heart of Asia” and we couldn’t agree more. Rarely have we felt so welcome in a foreign country as we did in Taipei. Not only is the city full of friendly people but it’s also where you can find some of the best food, especially street food! We’ve put together a 2-day itinerary for Taipei that will have you on top of the once tallest building in the world and also take you on a tour of its lively districts and some amazing food!

A 2-day Taipei itinerary for first-time visitors Best Time to Visit Taipei But before you pack up and go, have you thought about the best time to visit Taipei? We’ve experienced Taipei in the dead of summer as well as late fall and early winter; however, our recommended time to visit is in the fall. Odds are that the weather will be a bit more on the cloudy/rainy side but it’s a more pleasant kind of rain, not the stormy downpour.

During the summer months, not only are th.... Continue Reading at Travel Passionate

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