12 Best Speakeasies in Paris

12 Best Speakeasies in Paris
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When we travel around the world, one of the coolest Adventure Activities and Experiences, we love is finding a local speakeasy! Perhaps this is because of Darcee’s love for the roaring 1920’s or Eric’s love of cocktails, but there is something cool about finding a secret entrance to a hidden bar!

But what is a Speakeasy?

Back in January of 1920, the United States underwent a major change known as Prohibition. Now, suddenly, drinking alcohol became illegal. No longer could you walk down to your local bar and purchase a cocktail or a beer. But the result of Prohibition led to a major creation, the Speakeasy.  Also called a blind pig or blind tiger, hidden spots to get a drink suddenly popped up where you would have to have a secret password to gain entry. On top of that, major crime organizations led by Al Capone in Chicago or Sherman Billingsley in New York City opened up secret bars to entertain their guests.

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