TIME LAPSE – 365 DAYS OF DIY RENOVATION // Total Wreck to Beautiful Home!

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Get the Renovation How-To eBook: https://bit.ly/3CnBCPj The full process explained in 1 hour; https://youtu.be/jykPwcBtML8 Watch a Detailed Tour of the Finished House; https://youtu.be/H7FrzLoBw6c This timelapse shows how I discovered, destroyed and totally renovated a house in Catalunya Spain. Gorgeous views, brilliant people and good friends. To do this house I had to learn how to do basically everything from scratch - from making concrete to welding and installation of electrics. This video is about 4000 hours of work distilled down into 13 minutes. Enjoy! I have documented this build into an eBook: https://bit.ly/3A6zNW8 Other videos to watch; Crazy stuff I found in the house: https://youtu.be/Wb2VA7UGwDs How to buy a house in Spain: https://youtu.be/hnsaYm0CiE8 ALL the vlogs that show the house renovation: https://bit.ly/3ut5Dc6 Connect with Nate Murphy: 📸 Nate is on Instagram: http://bit.ly/2ZVaHri #houserenovation #beforeandafter #diy

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