This Dory Lover Has Done More Than 50 Trips with OARS

This Dory Lover Has Done More Than 50 Trips with OARS
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You could say Jeff Gellert is an OARS super fan. Over a span of nearly three decades, he’s been on a total of 53 river trips with us, including Grand Canyon, the Yampa and countless trips on Idaho’s Salmon River.

His passion for whitewater started in the early ’70s when he’d spend every moment of free time kayaking the rivers out East.

“I went to college in Pittsburgh, and had access to all these wonderful West Virginia rivers,” shares Gellert. “I was out on the rivers every weekend, April through November.”

“We were there the first couple of years that they ran the Gauley, and the New River,” Gellert recounts. “But the ones I really liked were the steep drop, Middle Fork of the Tygart, and some really obscure ones that only when the water was right could you run.”

Later, as Gellert recounts, he married, migrated West and was working to build his family and career, which pu.... Continue Reading at Oars

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