The State Klunker Challenge Episode 3: The Ride Of Champions – Stock Klunkers on Jem Trail

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This is Phase 1 of the 2021 State Klunker Challenge. For this challenge, we invited everyone to buy a bone-stock State Klunker and join us for a ride with everyone on the same exact bike. This turned out to be even more fun than imagined. Here's how it all went down. For those interested in joining the party, here are the rules for phases 2-4.: - You must use a bike that came with a coaster brake from the factory - It doesn't matter how much it cost - You have an unlimited budget to upgrade it, including removing the coaster brake. Modifications encouraged (but no motors please) - We'll be holding a beauty contest where people send in pics of their klunkers. so make it pretty. - We'll be having one last ride in Moab, UT on Oct 9, 2021. We'll be riding and shuttling the upper half of Navajo Rocks Challenge Details: Phase 1 - Party Of Champions in Virgin, UT (this video) We all rode our bone-stock State Klunkers on Jem trail in Virgin, UT. Phase 2 - Paint/beauty Contest Participants will paint/decorate/accessorize their State Klunkers in a contest to see who's is "best." Viewers will vote on the winner. Phase 3 - The Upgrade Contest Participants can spend as much money as they want upgrading their klunker. Feel free to get creative. We'll be riding these in Moab, UT, where eBikes aren't allowed, so no motors please. Phase 4 - The Party of Lunatics in Moab, UT Oct 9, 2021 We'll wrap the challenge up in Moab, UT in the fall. Oct 2021. Bring your creation. The plan is to ride big mesa, big lonely, and ramblin trails (have someone in your group able to shuttle you and your friends to the top). Watch Klunkerz here: Do you need help choosing your next bike? Become a patron today for one-on-one bike consultation: Other gear I use: Lab Austere hip pack: - code "Hardtail.Party" 25% off Handup Gloves: - use discount code "HARDTAILPARTY" My shop tools: My glasses: My tire sealant: What's in my water bottles (Tailwind): My hooded sun shirt: Milwaukee Inflator. I love this thing! Two versions. 1) Tool + battery + charger: Tool only (if you already have the charger): Presta adapter: 20% off all Club Ride Apparel using code "hardtailparty20" - 5% off all RSD bikes using code "party" - - Ryan Leech Connection: $19 off - coupon code "hardtailparty"​ - any time you shop on amazon using this link, it helps me. Note: some of my links are affiliate links. That means I get a small commission on purchases made using these links. You don't pay anything extra, but it helps support the channel. If you've learned something from my videos, consider using the affiliate links above. #klunker #theresapartyinthemountains #statebicycleco

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