The Simple Life (readjusting to van life in Morocco)

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FIRST DAYS OF FULL-TIME VAN LIFE 😊 Nearly 2 years ago we abandoned our van in a Moroccan parking lot and 2 weeks ago we flew to Africa to rescue it! We are now relearning how to van life 🚐 Could you go from cabin life to living in a 60 sq-ft van with your partner in a foreign country? ► SUBSCRIBE for a new video every single Sunday ► The vlog continues on Instagram​​​​ Friends featured in this episode: @Larry Edward Aaron & Lisi BACK TO #VANLIFE and it feels so good! Back at the cabin we were so worried that van life may not be for us anymore but now that we've headed to the coast to settle into tiny living we are reminded why we love living in a van in the first place: it's a simple life ✨ Get caught up on our return to Morocco: Abandoning our van in Africa Flying to Africa to rescue our aba.... Continue Reading at Aemon & Bec

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