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Let's get real, not everyone can afford a brand new van or RV. Living in an older van is the way to go for those like us on a budget but it can bring problems. Come along on a day in the life where we show you the reality of vanlife in an old van. Watch Next: How we afforded our van purchase and 1st year on the road: How much 1 month of van life costs: How we make money on the road: Our van Towanda is now 16 years old and before she became ours, she was a prisoner transport vehicle. Talk about a van life drama. She came with a few quirks and issues but she fit our budget and we were happy to give this ex-prisoner van a new lease on life. Right now, it seems like we are facing problems that we haven't seen anyone else face. Our bumper is busted, our door handles are broken, our doors are bent and won't seal... it's one van life problem after the other. How do we fix this? The reality of living in van me.... Continue Reading at Nat & Abi

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