The Most Versatile 12 Volt Fridge Setpower RV45D Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer

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#vanlife #setpower Discount code and link: 12% off on RV45/60D Static CamperVan This is a review of the Setpower RV45D 12 volt fridge/freezer. My old fridge had a couple of severe problems. When I realized that I needed to replace the old refrigerator, I set out to find a fridge that had every feature that was on my wish list. This Setpower Dual Zone fridge/freezer not only has every feature that I was hoping for, but it is also an excellent product. The build quality is great. And the fridge uses very little power. This Setpower fridge doesn’t have a Dan Foss or SeCop compressor. But I’ve found the compressor to work just as well as my old Dometic CF-24 that did have a SeCop compressor. This Setpower RV45D consumes less power than my old Dometic 12 volt fridge and it operates at the same low decibel level as my old, much more expensive Dometic CF-24. If you enjoy my videos and would like to help me keep making them, please take a look at these links to support me: CashApp: $StaticCampervan Venmo: @Static-Campervan My name is Scott and in 2015, I bought a Ram ProMaster City to live in. Even though I didn’t know much about RV’s and campervans, I set about building the van out as a minivan camper. And in April of 2016, I moved into my minivan full time. Over the years, I’ve learned you don’t need to have a big skill set to build your own campervan. And that living as a minimalist and utilizing solar power can be a less expensive way to live. I’ve also learned that a minivan can be a very comfortable home. Please follow along as I document my journey. My Channel Stickers are now available for purchase through PayPal. If you would like to purchase them, please send me $4 for one sticker or $7 for two stickers. At this time, I will only be accepting PayPal for payments. Please make sure to include your mailing address in the notes. Unfortunately, I will only be able to ship to the US and Canada. Also, I will be mailing out all orders once a week. So please be patient with me. In an effort to help viewers search for the best prices on products that I use, I’ve started an Amazon Influencer link: My hope is that you will use this link as a starting point to search for the best price. If you're looking for an item that isn't listed, feel free to drop me a question or comment and I will do my best to find a link. Get 10% off Solar Power equipment from Renogy with this link:

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