The Day I Sent All Along the Watchtower

The Day I Sent All Along the Watchtower
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Lying in my tent, listening to “No Hard Feelings” by The Avett Brothers, I went through a mental list of every person I loved in this world and pictured them smiling. Occasionally David’s feet hit my shoulder as he tossed and turned in his sleeping bag. There were no more rest days, no more warm up routes. In a few hours, the alarm would go off and the dream would begin. The entirety of my experience had woven its way into one odyssey: climbing The North Howser Tower via All Along The Watchtower (VI 5.12).

The alarm went off at 3 a.m. I almost pressed the snooze button but forced myself up. My friend David Tan remained buried under his sleeping bag. I sparked a lighter, lit the stove to make coffee, and listened to the calming sound of the stove whirring. David rolled over, his normally bright eyes and tan face looked stern and tired. He said he didn’t sleep well. I greeted his concern with a tired nod.

I double-checked our kit. Two.... Continue Reading at Evening Sends

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