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Chef Nat makes the best ramen she's ever made. Make it yourself! Recipe: Hazelnuts? In Ramen? Absolutely. This roasted chanterelle and hazelnut broth will blow your mind and satiate your deepest cravings for an umami vegan ramen. It’s otherworldly! When Abi and I were in Portland, OR in 2019 we had a delicious vegan ramen dish with a hazelnut broth at Afuri. Ever since, I’ve been inspired to make my own version. The time finally came to seize that inspiration. Back in September this year, Abi and I were visiting with my dear friend in Philadelphia and we decided to collaborate on an intimate dinner party. Ramen would be the star. My friend Mike Grady, who’s a talented designer, hosted us in his home which happens to be an old church! Mike created a beautiful tablescape and a cocktail to accompany the Ramen. The result was pure magic. A cool refreshing cocktail paired with a steaming bowl of vegan umami ramen at a candlit table is ce.... Continue Reading at Nat & Abi

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