The Art of Dutch Oven Cooking

The Art of Dutch Oven Cooking
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Commotion at the prep table in the boathouse kitchen caught my attention. I drifted toward two fellow guides deep in the throes of problem-solving something that appeared rather complex. Junior and Ben, two incredibly smart humans, often engage in complicated conversations, and this was no exception. They bent over the stainless steel counter top, each with a dry erase marker in hand, furiously scribbling numbers that were forming drafts of an equation.

What were they solving? The perfect coal to Dutch oven ratio, of course.

A Dutch oven is a seasoned cast iron pot with a tight-sealing lid. When you strategically place charcoal briquettes underneath the pot and on top of the lid, it creates a portable oven of sorts; one that bakes pineapple upside-down cake or roasts scalloped potatoes in the backcountry.

The first time I experienced a Dutch oven meal, I was ten. We had blackberry cobbler for breakfast on the sandy banks of the Green River, and I was b.... Continue Reading at Oars

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