The Spirit of Skiing is Alive and Well in Minnesota!

The Spirit of Skiing is Alive and Well in Minnesota!
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Plenty of Minnesotans sure love their skiing!298 feet of pure frozen fun. Is that a ski hill or just the other side of the ditch? I can’t tell, but they keep the lights on till 10pm and my mom gave me $5 for a chicken sandwich and fries.  I grew up in Hudson, Wisconsin just across the St. Croix river from Saint Paul/Minneapolis. And up north there, smackdab in the flat hinterlands of America, we have winters that are cold, dry and long. I live in California now for good reason, but I firmly believe my Himalayan and Alaskan mountaineering pursuits have been achievable due to my Northern blood. You’d think skiing would be unpopular when your skin can suffer permanent nerve damage with exposure of 5 minutes or more, but the spirit of skiing is alive and well in Minnesota. “High of 35 today compared to the -35 windchill last week, we’ll take it!” Photo Cred and quote: up skiing in Minnesota goes like thi.... Continue Reading at Snowbrains

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