Snowboard Stuff For When You’re Not Snowboarding

Snowboard Stuff For When You’re Not Snowboarding
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Say hello from our editor for a little light hearted post, hi Abby!

Turns out isolation life has brought some of my otherwise summer shelved items out of the gear closet. Finding some kooky and some not-so-kooky uses for snowboarding gear when I’m well, not snowboarding. Indulge in this silly post and if you’ve been doing the same share with us on Instagram for inspiration or laughs – either one would be appreciated for us snow starred society.

Not a hard one to understand here, these things have 40 hours of battery and are waterproof. So I’ve been rocking them when I’m doing work calls, bike rides, podcasts while multitasking, you name it, I’m doing it with the Push Ultra. Normally I’d be STOKED to be riding with them for social spring laps, but hey laps on the dirt and around the house are more fun than normal when I’ve got these on.

Skullcandy’s Push Ultra earbuds. NI.... Continue Reading at Snowboard Canada

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