Scientists Stumble Upon Global “Plastic Cycle” in U.S. National Parks

Scientists Stumble Upon Global “Plastic Cycle” in U.S. National Parks
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Soil samples taken from Yosemite and other U.S. National Park had evidence of plastic contamination. Photo Credit: @cosmictimetravelerScientists analyzing soil samples from U.S. National Parks, including the Grand Canyon and Joshua Tree, were shocked to recently discover a “global plastic cycle” akin to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The group of scientists, led by Janice Brahney, a biochemist from Utah State University, were examining how wind-blown dust delivers nutrients to distant ecosystems when they started to notice numerous brightly colored fragments in the soil.

Plastic was found in soil all over the U.S. and is becoming a global issue. Photo Credit: Weiqi Xiong“I realized that I was looking at the deposition of plastics, which was really shocking, ” said Brahney who did not initially have the funding to study microplastic pollution, so she did the analysis on her own time. As she told Science Magazine, it was a “very long and stre.... Continue Reading at Snowbrains

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