Quiet Ski Towns Still Exist if You Know Where to Look

Quiet Ski Towns Still Exist if You Know Where to Look
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For the last decade people have been complaining that quiet ski towns are dead, and that mom and pop resorts are disappearing. That all of the places we know and love have been over run with big money, and there aren’t any more mom and pop ski resorts left. With the invention of the Epic and Ikon passes and annual additions to those passes, people continually become more upset. As another resort of the old guard is bought by Vail or Alterra, more people complain as they quietly buy multi-resort passes and travel to the same old destinations.

Yes, Breckenridge and Telluride are losing their western charm and Aspen has its million dollar trailer park. But we like things such high speed chairlifts, craft beer, and saying we spent a week in Breckenridge to make people jealous, so we make it happen. Adding fuel to the fire, none of these places are affordable to the classic ski and snowboard bum, either. But some of us like the rock climbing and thousands of acres of snowboar.... Continue Reading at Agnarchy

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