Q&A: Catching up with Tatum Monod

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INTERVIEW • Andy Cochrane | PHOTOS • Blake Jorgenson

Follow the Sea-to-Sky Highway a hundred miles north from Vancouver, past Squamish and Whistler, and you’ll find yourself in Pemberton, British Columbia. A sleepy town of 2,500 at the northern extent of the Garibaldi Range, “Pemby,” as the locals call it, is situated where the highway turns inland towards Revelstoke. Most people, including skiers, just drive by. 

Perched just 700 feet above sea level, Pemberton is often overlooked as a middling logging town. Sitting in the shadow of Mount Currie at the cusp of the Coast-Interior divide, summers are dry and winters are rainy and relatively mild. As recently as the mid-1960s, access was train-only. Its modest collection of homes and local businesses are connected by a web of paved and dirt roads—it’s not exactly Aspen or Jackson.

Yet, a surprisingly large number of professional skiers live in Pemby, inclu.... Continue Reading at Free Skier

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