Nevis Range To Re-Open In July

Nevis Range To Re-Open In July
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Staff have been working to put new safety measures in place, including thermal screening, increased cleaning procedures and social distancing.

Opening day is expected to be Wednesday, 15th July.

Nevis Range has announced it will be making some redundancies as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s also said that the lockdown came at the worst time for Scottish Snowsports enthusiasts who would have otherwise been able to enjoy some of the best spring conditions in years at Nevis Range.

A good amount of snow fell in March and there was more than enough coverage to have offered skiing and snowboarding well into May.

Nevis Range in March 2020

“Very sadly there will be some redundancies at Nevis Range as we try to return to a sound financial footing in order to keep delivering quality outdoor activities and events for all of our customers all year round,” Chris O’Brie.... Continue Reading at Planet Ski

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