Lassen Wolf Pack Produces Five New Pups

Lassen Wolf Pack Produces Five New Pups
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The Alpha-Female of the solitary Californian wolf pack, Lassen Pack, has emerged with 5 new pups in the east side of Lassen National Park. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife was able to trap her and give her a new tracking collar, for the one she was wearing had run out of battery back in November. It was unknown if the female wolf was still alive at all, or the breeding male. But the CDFW camera footage confirms that the pack is still rolling. This is the only pack in California, and is descendant of OR-7, the famous female wolf who ventured into California from Southern Oregon in 2011. She was the first known wolf in California since 1924. The jaunt from Oregon is quite moderate for a wolf. OR-54, a daughter of OR-7 also left Oregon in 2018 to head for Northern California. In two years she covered a minimum distance of 8,712 miles at an average of 13 miles/day. She spent most of her time in California but also returned to Oregon three times. She had fourteen 40 m.... Continue Reading at Snowbrains

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