Hometown Mountain Shoutout: Eldora, CO

Hometown Mountain Shoutout: Eldora, CO
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I can recall the first time someone ever suggested that we go ski Eldora. I was a freshman in college and was visiting my roommate’s parents at their home nestled in the mountains of Nederland, Colorado. My college roommate’s dad, Bill, was sitting across the kitchen table excitedly explaining to us that Eldora was the place to be this upcoming ski season. At first, I was skeptical. Having just moved from California to Colorado for school, I was anxious to go explore some bigger mountains in the Rockies. With a max of 1600 feet of skiable vert from top to bottom and 680 acres of terrain, Eldora certainly isn’t the biggest resort in the state. My roommate, Ike, and I protested that Eldora was too small, stating that we would get bored skiing there after a single day. But, Bill (who had more years of skiing experience than Ike and I combined) insisted. It turns out, Bill was right. Ike and I chose to ignore Bill’s advice that year; and as a result, we spent t.... Continue Reading at Snowbrains

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