Finding High Tide in Lofoten

Finding High Tide in Lofoten
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The picturesque Norwegian archipelago is a haven for foot-powered adventure WORDS • SVEN BRUNSO | PHOTOS • LIAM DORAN

After 25 years of traveling the globe in search of the Endless Winter, my skiing bucket list had dwindled to but one remaining destination: the Lofoten Islands of Norway. Over the years, I had projects scheduled for Lofoten, but my best-laid plans fell through for a variety of reasons. The goal of reaching the islands was starting to feel like I was chasing the elusive Holy Grail. Needing to add the final notch to my global ski belt, I decided I was going to make it to Lofoten this year no matter what. It didn’t take too much effort to convince photographer Liam Doran to join in on the springtime adventure as Lofoten is considered by many shutterbugs to be one of the most scenic locations on Earth.

The Lofoten Islands, located on the 68th parallel north and inside the Arctic Circle, can be accessed by flying from.... Continue Reading at Free Skier

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