Bullfrog For Dinner

Bullfrog For Dinner
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The bullfrog: it’s what’s for dinner.The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is encouraging people to eat bullfrog for dinner. While bullfrogs are native to the eastern United States, they are an invasive species in the west. Because of the bullfrog’s effect on native ecosystems, officials are encouraging folks to develop a taste for frog legs as a means of decreasing the bullfrog population. Utah’s bullfrog strategy mirrors Florida’s response to the spread of lionfish.  Bullfrogs were originally introduced in the western United States for food, but they have since spread like wildfire with devastating consequences. Bullfrogs eat just about anything, out-competing or outright eating native species. Additionally, they lay huge quantities of eggs which aids in their rapid spread. Bullfrogs are also immune to the chytrid fungus. The chytrid fungus is one of many threats causing the sharp decline of most amphibian species. Buffalo-style frog legs. .... Continue Reading at Snowbrains

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