Wrapping up our pre-season projects

Wrapping up our pre-season projects
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With the Canadian border closed to all non-essential traffic, the stress to leave Bellingham by our arbitrarily-set-by-us-date has been released. Although there has been no rush to complete the slew of projects, they do keep getting accomplished at a good pace. I even took a few days – alright, a full week – off major projects to give my back a rest and yet the to do list has grown smaller. The biggest accomplishments in the past weeks are as follows;

Since our old radar – straight from a 1980’s submarine – could not decide which direction was North, it was designated for a replacement and upgrade. After some shopping around over the winter, Kerri found a Wifi enabled radar dish that allows any of our laptops, phones, and tablets to get the radar data, which will be damn helpful to have that info with us no matter where we are on the boat. We rarely sit down in the interior of the boat while underway. It also meant that the large green-pixel displ.... Continue Reading at Road To The Sea

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