What Is The Perfect Sail?

What Is The Perfect Sail?
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Did you know that there’s a massive percentage of new sailors that head out for the perfect sail only to return and never go sailing again? A perfect sail isn’t too perfect when things break, the weather turns unexpectedly for the worse or you feel out of your comfort zone.

So what is the perfect sail? What’s it look, feel, sound, and taste like?

Well…the night before you plan on sailing to a new destination you drink a little less alcohol. You also eat a light meal and get a great night’s sleep. You wake and enjoy the sights and smells of sea life as you enjoy a healthy breakfast of fresh local fruits, toast, and coffee. You’ll save the bacon and eggs for the following day.

After a delicious breakfast and becoming mesmerized by the glimmering sun radiate off the blue waters you snap out of your trance and start thinking about getting into the sailing mode.

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