Whack-a-clam in Port Gamble

Whack-a-clam in Port Gamble
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With the clam season open – Kerri with license in hand thanks to our stop in Ludlow – and a huge trail system nearby I knew this was going to be a week of early starts and some proper exercise. Kerri isn’t known for her early rising, but something about bi-valves and fungi would get her moving this week. And with perfectly timed low tides, we were out and about each morning for a bit of beach exploration and sandy adventures.

Some of the days were spent just on shore from our anchored boat. Kerri, with bucket and clam-gun in hand, would set out in search of oysters, clams, and geoducks. They were not very hard to find, and their complete lack of ability to escape made them pretty easy pickings. From my outsider perspective, the most difficult part of the whole ordeal was pulling them out of the sand, which they seemed to be pretty well wedged in. Kerri would huff-n-puff, eye roll, and sigh for five minutes while digging up the biggest clams I have ever seen.... Continue Reading at Road To The Sea

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