The second half north

The second half north
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There are times in which Kerri and I spend numerous days moving only between the bed and our respective workstations. Our work week spent at Blakely Harbor was one of those times. Thanks to the three days of sailing leading up, we were ready for a few days of limited physical activity and did so. With a view of Seattle just over our shoulder… or to our left … or in front – depending on which way the wind blew Meriwether’s stern – our work week came and went without much of anything else happening.

Our haul out was scheduled for Monday morning – first thing – so we had two sailing days to make the rest of the distance up to Port Townsend. That is more than enough time to make the 40-ish nautical miles, but we wanted to break it up into manageable chunks. Doing 30+ miles in a single day is quite tiring, especially here in the Sound where the wind rarely helps you get the place you want to go. So we set out on Friday evening, a.... Continue Reading at Road To The Sea

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