the cure

the cure
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My favorite cure (so far) to Pandemic Isolation:  1170 miles on a Gunboat 55

 My buddy sends an email to my son and me asking “Who’s in to sail THIRST from Ft. Lauderdale to Marblehead?”  I think we both answered “IN” within 10 seconds.  But what about Covid-19?  Are we putting ourselves, our families and potentially US Coast Guard personnel at risk?   

Regardless of the size of the boat, there is no way to socially distance on board.  We knew this in advance.  You can’t possibly wash your hands, or clean the wheel, the companion ways, winch handles and the Nav instruments enough. As a crew we were all aware of the risks.  We had all been working from home for weeks, so our collective exposure potential was quite low. 

I calculated that I’d be at more risk staying at home and going to the grocery store than we would at sea.  And for the Coast Gua.... Continue Reading at Sailing Anarchy

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