The 2020 plans

The 2020 plans
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This year we have planned to make the trip North via the Inside Passage to Ketchikan or Petersburg Alaska. The route will bring us up into Canada for our first International border crossing before weaving our way through the coastal islands of British Columbia. It is more than 700 miles of sailing before the end of our year, even without any sight seeing up any of the numerous scenic fjords along the BC coast, which we certainly plan to do.

Meriwether’s motor is getting a lot of attention in preparation of the long hours motoring. With scenic islands and fjords comes a chaotic wind forecast. Everyone we talk to in the community says it will be an 80/20 mix of motoring verses sailing, and our old Perkins needs to be up to the task of the long hours putting away. Upgrades and repairs are already underway, a couple of which became necessary only after some routine maintenance.

First, during a routine replacing of the raw water impeller I found that the pump&rsq.... Continue Reading at Road To The Sea

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