Sucia and Matias

Sucia and Matias
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We did not follow through with our plans to cross the San Juan de Fuca Strait. Instead, we chose to turn tail and run North to avoid a bad blow coming in the following days. The anchorage we were in was going to take a beating from the south-easterly wind direction, and no other suitable anchorage awaited us nearby. A day of down wind sailing would get us to the northern islands of the San Juan’s where we had a couple options; specifically Matia Island State Marine Park, where we were unable to stop at when Moose was with us (no dogs allowed).

The majority of the sail was smooth and peaceful, but in the final few miles we started getting large gusts of wind from behind. Kerri at the helm, she accepted the challenge with a grin, easily dealing with the huge power that comes with each gust of wind. The 20+ knot winds were not scaring her anymore. In fact, we are getting much better at reading the wind on the water and knew when each of the gusts would hit our sail.... Continue Reading at Road To The Sea

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