Spinnaker Trim Essentials

Spinnaker Trim Essentials
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Both trimmer and helmsman must keep an eye on the spinnaker to maintain its designed flying shape. If it doesn’t look or feel right, it’s probably a windshift, so don’t wait to make an adjustment. (Paul Todd/Outside Images/)The spinnaker provides an excellent cue to driving well downwind. With its light material and large projected area, it can tell you a lot. Does it look powered up and smooth? Is it falling out of the sky and wrinkly? Is there a sudden luff curl with no ease? Is the kite trimmer easing with no curl forming? Vince Brun once told me that the spinnaker is designed to have a flying shape, and you always want to keep it powered up enough to maintain that shape. If you’re going really low in lumpy conditions, and the kite’s bobbling all over the place and it looks distorted, you’re not sailing it how it was designed. Conversely, if you’re sailing too hot of an angle, you’re not only sailing extra distance, but .... Continue Reading at Sailing World

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