Speed Savants

Speed Savants
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Peter Burling and Blair Tuke won 7 of 11 races at the 49er World Championship in ­February 2020, ­continuing their dominance in the class, which has now stretched on for years. (Pedro Martinez/Sailing Energy/)It’s Pete and Blair. Journalists say Burling and Tuke, respectively, but because they are so intricately attached to each other, it’s appropriate to associate the two as practically twins. Every boat on which they sail together, they move in synchronization. Even the most trained eye finds it impossible to find flaws. At the 2020 49er World Championship in February in Geelong, Australia, the pair won an unprecedented sixth world title in the class. No one in the crowd even blinked.

Their emotions, despite having also won the 2019 world championship three months before in their native New Zealand turf, were surprisingly high as they pulled their skiff up the seaweed-covered ramp in a cool drizzle after the medal race. It never gets old for the.... Continue Reading at Sailing World

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