Social distancing is our jam

Social distancing is our jam
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We got back to Meriwether a month ago, just as people started taking this whole virus thing seriously. Since Kerri and I already live on the fringe of society, distancing ourselves from society is not much of a burden on us. We have been practicing social distancing for some time now, virus or not. Combine that with the fact that we no longer own a vehicle anyway, our daily lives have been pretty much on or in the boat with no real contact with anyone else… just the way we like it. A lot can get accomplished when there is little else to distract, and we have been plugging away at our pre-sailing-season to-do list, preparing for our second season on the water.

A recent addition to the list was the engine raw water pump (provides cool sea water to cool the engine). During routine replacement of the impeller in preparation for long days of motoring up the inside passage, I found that the pump’s shaft was flopping about in it’s bearings. Pretty good movement too.... Continue Reading at Road To The Sea

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