seeking safe

seeking safe
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From our awesome friends at Waterlust!

1.5 hours generator run-time, every-other-day, means we have 1.5 years of diesel fuel aboard, in the most optimistic scenario. Propane, not as generous, 10 lb tank per 4 weeks, 17 lbs remain, which equates to 6.8 more weeks of essential cooking gas.

Rice: 17 lbs
Flour: 25 lbs
Beans: 5 lbs
Cooking oil: 2.5 liters

I keep lists of everything.

We are having more rice and seafood than we ever have, thanks to relatively healthy nearby reefs and a well-stocked collection of non-perishables. But despite these food-extending efforts, one day we will run low on supplies. These are the kinds of thoughts that zip through my head daily as we navigate a global pandemic on a sailboat stuck in a desolate corner of the Caribbean.

My name is Conor Smith, and like everyone, my life has changed dramatically in recent months. My fiancé, Stephanie, and I live aboard our sailboat full time and had plan.... Continue Reading at Sailing Anarchy

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