Satellite Communications for Sailboats

Satellite Communications for Sailboats
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A satphone keeps you in touch with family, friends—and the office—no matter how far you stray from the grid. ( Courtesy Iridium/Fish Mavericks/)There was a time when cruising meant stepping off the map’s edge and enjoying days, weeks, months or—for the fortunate few—years away from life’s everyday hustle. Untethered from a landline, just communicating by snail mail posed challenges. Now, for better or worse, the modern world has caught up. While there’s no question that this has changed the face of cruising, modern conveniences such as satellite phones and satellite-communication systems have flung the door wide open to itineraries that involve a blend of sailing and work, all while staying in touch with friends and family. So, while that silence in some remote anchorage might occasionally get punctuated by a ringing intrusion, it’s also plenty possible that this same communications line can enable the adventure of a lifetime. Here&r.... Continue Reading at Cruising World

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