Sailing into Santorini

Sailing into Santorini
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Our lunch spot offered a view that’s quintessential Greece­—rows of whitewashed buildings perched on the edge of the sea. (Neville Hockley/)Santorini is probably the most photographed island in all of Greece, and it is easy to see why. The ancient and still-active volcano that forms the archipelago rises dramatically from deep sapphire seas with impressive rock and ash sandwiched together in great horizontal bands of black, gray and red. Each compressed layer is evidence of past eruptions, from the Minoan eruption—one of the world’s largest volcanic events in recorded history—blowing away the west side of the island around 1645 B.C., to the most recent burp in the mid-1900s.

These contrasting layers climb the island’s steep cliffs to meet rich fertile soil plateaus 600 feet above sea level. On these green terraces, row upon row of Santorini’s famous grapes catch the Mediterranean sun, and clusters of dazzling whitewashed houses .... Continue Reading at Cruising World

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