Rescue At Sea

Rescue At Sea
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If you had to perform a rescue at sea would you know what to do? Would your partner, guests, family, or friends sailing with you know what to do? In this video, we explain and show you a recent REAL Man Overboard that we experienced. While we were sailing a mile or so off the coast of Grenada we came across two men floating, about to drown actually, and we were able to save them. We also had new guests on board. It was a crazy situation!

When you’re out sailing will you be prepared to save a casualty? When we set sail in 2013 we created checklists and broadcast templates to help us with the VHF Radio. The templates included a MAYDAY, Pan-Pan, Securite template to name a few. The templates start off with a checklist on what to do with the VHF followed by a script on the exact words to say – including our MMSI number and call sign. Those checklists sat in our Navigation Station drawer for all these years never used.

But, boy, did they come in hand recently! I.... Continue Reading at Sailing Britican

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