READY TO POP!! Our final MONTH as TWO… Ep 220

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3 plastic-free deodorants are normally $39 dollars, but if you use my and code SAILING4 you’ll get them for $29 that’s 25% off! Unable to return to our home country, we are forced to put plans in motion to have our child abroad. Lockdown and ready to pop! In this episode, we have left Nandji high and dry in the boatyard, patiently waiting our return. Malaysian interstate borders had been shut for weeks and with covid restrictions briefly easing, we took the opportunity to move closer to the hospital while we could. January saw a second wave of covid infections across Malaysia, prompting borders to be closed again, shops shut and a new lockdown to begin. Unable to return to Australia to be with family during this time has been difficult as we are now alone in a foreign city expecting our first child. BUT, together as a family this is just another obstacle to overcome. We are thankful the hospital is close by .... Continue Reading at Sailing Nandji

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