Point of View: The Escape Pod

Point of View: The Escape Pod
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  Schooner One World at anchor in the San Blas Islands. (Courtesy of Todd Duff/)I’m a marine surveyor and long-time cruiser, and something quite interesting has come to my attention of late: World events and in particular recent developments with this new pandemic have brought about a fairly urgent response from many people who feel the need to “get away” to protect themselves and their loved ones. Gun sales are reported to be at record highs and the pressing desire to feel safe seems to be on many people’s minds. I’ve seen all sorts of news stories and Facebook posts of really discontented and unhappy, maybe even scared people out there that want to extricate themselves from the madness, but just don’t know how or where to go about doing it. And then there are the sailors. These people DO know how to get away, and most have a pretty good idea of where to go and how to go about it. Some of these are the lucky few who already own an oc.... Continue Reading at Cruising World

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