Peace and Anchor

Peace and Anchor
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There were only two days before our reservations at Boston Harbor Marina so we didn’t want to go too far. Kerri found a new anchorage for us just a few miles away that would suffice. With sails already at the ready before the anchor was stowed, we sailed away from Hope Island, slowly. The wind was extremely light at Hope, but I was determined to sail point to point this day. The first 10-15 minutes we just floundered in the current, at least carrying us somewhat the correct direction through Squaxin Pass. Eventually though, the wind would come along and fill the sails. All was progressing nicely with a few tacks here and there to keep us on our course.

At Dana Pass,  where I knew the canyon-like geography would funnel the wind a particular direct, things got exciting. Boat traffic through the pass was heavy, full of other adventure seekers and fisherman. The winds were blowing nicely and we had some heel on. All until the other side of the pass, where the wind stop.... Continue Reading at Road To The Sea

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