Now we are true full time sailors

Now we are true full time sailors
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The big day has come and passed; the day in which Meriwether was hauled out of the water, placed on blocks, and we set about doing a full bottom paint while living “on the hard” in a shipyard. It is a once-every-few-years right of passage for full time sailors and I wasn’t looking forward to the amount of work it was going to take. The sheer amount of sanding, filling, and painting that is required to do the job made my muscles scream even before it all started. Yet after two weeks in the yard we are still alive and actually feeling quite accomplished to have done the deed ourselves. Now we can truly say we are full time sailors.

Meriwether being hauled out, weighing in at 32,000 pounds. The bottom is actually blue under all the sea life attached to the hull.

The days of sanding were the most tiring. Not because of how much sanding is required as much as that most of the work is done overhead, and the sander is not a light tool after a few minutes of .... Continue Reading at Road To The Sea

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