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We decided to get out of the marina for a few days. Mostly to get rid of the stationary-itch that has been plaguing us the past few weeks, but also just to get further away from civilization for a spell. We knew we were returning within a week, so the journey was not far – just a return trip to Lummi Island’s Inati Bay was the plan. There we could isolate in nature yet keep within two hours of our home port. This would be our first time sailing the boat since our return after the winter. A gentle shake-down sail was in order anyway.

The weather did provide a gentle breeze on our way out although the wind was coming directly from the direction we wanted to travel, as usual. We sailed close-hauled at a mild speed. Surely not the most exciting sail, but it was good to get the canvas up and feel the water slipping under us again. After two hours, we still had half way to go and we were not moving very fast toward our destination, so we fired up the motor. Within no ti.... Continue Reading at Road To The Sea

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