Melges Doubles Down With a New Dinghy

Melges Doubles Down With a New Dinghy
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Melges Performance Sailboat’s new dinghy for high-performance sailing and training provide a new alternative in the doublehanded market, poised to grow with an expected resurgence of small-boat sailing in the COVID-19 era. (Melges Performance Sailboats /)“The Melges 15 appeals to a wide range of skill levels and sailors while serving a variety of purposes,” introduced Harry Melges, CEO of Melges. “The Melges 15 creates a clear pathway for junior sailors to get started and stay excited about sailing while also being comfortable and accessible enough for adults to learn, race, or cross-train.”

With the main design goals focused on stability and performance in a variety of conditions, the boat features a narrow overall beam and a flat cross-section shape for stability, righting moment, and ease of planing. For a more forgiving feel upwind and to navigate larger sea states, the Melges 15 has just the right amount of fore and aft rocker.

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