Matia Island to Hunter Bay

Matia Island to Hunter Bay
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For our next sail, we decided to turn back to the South – not that we could go any further North from where we spent the past week anyway. The wind wasn’t going to be the most cooperative, still blowing from the south-ish for the foreseeable future, but we were determined to head that way anyway. On our chosen day to set off from Matia Island, the wind was scheduled to turn just enough to the West to give us a good beam-reach sail down to Anacortes where we planned to do a quick resupply of some perishables before continuing on the following day.

As is customary in the Puget Sound, the wind forecast was not accurate. Mild, but not from the direction it promised us. Instead it was coming from the exact direction we wanted to go, forcing us to beat upwind. Tacking is something we have a lot of experience at, so there was little going on other than monotony. After our fourth tack, the wind did start shifting a little in our favor, meaning we could head sorta-kinda i.... Continue Reading at Road To The Sea

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