Lonely, smokey sails

Lonely, smokey sails
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Port Gamble turned out to be a bust. The morning after we arrived Kerri took the dinghy to shore to do a bit of fungi hunting along the county trail system. She arrived to signage stating that the trails were closed due to a fire hazard, so she was back at the boat in no time at all. With the whole reason we returned to Port Gamble now shot down in flames (to continued the fire theme) we packed up Meriwether and set out to meet up with friends back up at Mystery Bay, only a few miles from where we were just the day prior.

We were motoring, of course, as the wind was AWOL again this day allowing the smoke to thicken – thick enough to prevent any more than a half-mile of visibility. Very yellow, it made for some interesting and surreal photos. This would be our first time sailing with our new radar working tirelessly to keep us safe. With the radar and the AIS working no surprises jumped out of the smoke at us, only having to navigate around just a few other boats.... Continue Reading at Road To The Sea

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